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Don’t forget all our prices include free delivery, free kindling, free unloading with every order and vat, so the price you see is the price you pay.


Great Value !

10 bags £62.50 (£6.25 per bag) + 1 Free Kindling 

20 bags £120.00 (£6.00 per bag) + 2 Free Kindling You Save 4%! 

30 bags £172.50  (£5.75 per bag) + 3 Free Kindling  You Save 8%!

40 bags £220.00 (£5.50 per bag) + 4 Free Kindling You save 12%!

(Prices include free delivery, free kindling and VAT)





£3.00 per bag

Excellent value! Our chunky little kindling sticks will really get your fire started.

Free delivery with any order of Logs








£6.50 per bag of 40

Easy, cheap & quick way to light your fire! Made from wood wool soaked in clean candle wax, a natural product with a long burning time (up to 10 mins), Usually only one needed to light your fire, virtually odourless and clean to use.

Free delivery with any order of logs