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Comparing prices

Firstly the most obvious thing to check is whether or not VAT & delivery is included. If it isn’t then you must add it to the cost of the logs.

Like for like

Always compare like for like, wet softwood logs are a world apart from kiln dried hardwood logs, you will defiantly see a huge difference.

Hardwood v Softwood

Hardwood is denser than softwood which means it takes up less space per kg, that means you have to buy less, store less, handle less and re-load your burner less often for the same heat output

Moisture content

Is essential to a hotter longer and cleaner burn, ideally you want logs to be below 20% moisture content, this will ensure that you get the best out of them, logs with a high moisture content can cause tar to deposit on the inside of your chimney, which in extreme cases can cause a chimney fire.


Do the logs come with any free gifts (many do), whether it be free kindling or firelighters, any free gifts save you money.

Delivery & Unloading

Do the logs come with free unloading and stacking or are they left at the end of your driveway for you to move, does the supplier offer timed deliveries, or will you have to wait in all day, your time and inconvenience are worth something.

All the above points have a value!

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Comparing Prices
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